Air conditioner Mitsubishi MUZ-MSZ-FH35VEHZ

Air conditioner Mitsubishi MUZ-MSZ-FH35VEHZ
Brand: Mitsubishi
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Kirigamine – 21st century technological milestone: In order to achieve the highest standards of directive ErP, the model MSZ-FH Kirigamie embodies technological milestone of air conditioners for residential rooms or office. With its many sophisticated technological features and and seasonal efficiency of class A+++ (Models 25 and 35) for cooling and heating, it is a air conditioner without competition.

Plasma Quad air-cleaning filtrating system: The air is like water, necessary for living, so it needs to be clean and fresh in order establish a healthy living environment. Plasma Quad filtrating system inside the indoor unit effectively removes bacterias, viruses, allergens and dust. Plasma Quad attacks bacterias and viruses inside the unit with a help of a strong, curtain-like electric field with releasing electrical current through the full aperture grill. Electrodes are made of tungsten. In additions, the electric field is flattened rather than standard round shape, which increase its strength and efficiency.

Natural air output: In order to create a healthy environment, the air, which is blown out, must be as natural as possible. Solution offered by Mitsubishi Electric is called “Natural outlet”, supported by technology for freely and adaptive controlling. Mitsubishi has created a dual blades that separate air on both, left and right side. This allows the air to be supplied through the entire room and to all people. The new technology enables to create an air outlet, which is similar to the breeze.

Heating at extremely low temperature – Hyper heating: Technology “Hyper Heating” enables effective heating through the whole winter even in the coldest areas. Technical characteristics of the air conditioner VEHZ ensure the attainment of the nominal heat output down to -15°C and operation down to 25°C.

Weekly timer: Air conditioner can be controlled and adjusted by remote control, which features a 7-day timer. Just with a few steps, you can set desired temperature, starting and ending time.

3D “I-see” Sensor: Air conditioner FH is upgraded with a 3D i-see sensor, which is an infrared sensor for measuring temperature on distant locations. Eight, vertically mounted, sensors are analyzing the room temperature in three dimensions, which can detect people in room. This enables two new features: Indirect air output and Direct air output. The first one blows the air away from person, the other blows air directly to person.

Basic information about air movement: Highlands Kirigamine is one of the most popular attraction in Japan, manly to its pleasant environment. Specialists at Mitsubishi Electric were trying to approximate the air conditioner comfort to the highlands Kirigamine. Based on data, measured on highlands and simulations, they manage to create almost imperceptible air movement, which affects people's well-being and comfort.

  • Cooling
  • Nominal power: 3,5kW (0,8-4,0)
  • Electricity consumption: 0,820 kW
  • SEER: 8,9
  • Class: A+++
  • Anual consumption: 138 kWh/a
  • Air flow: 3,9/4,7/6,3/8,6/11,6 m³/min
  • Sound preasure: 21-24-29-36-42 dB
  • Operating range: -10 to +46°C
  • Heating
  • Nominal power: 4,0kW (1,0-6,3)
  • Electricity consumption: 0,800 kW
  • SCOP: 4,8
  • Class: A++
  • Anual consumption: 1137 kWh/a
  • Air flow: 4,0/4,7/6,4/9,2/13,2 m³/min
  • Sound preasure: 21-24-29-36-44 dB
  • Operating range: -25 to +24°C
  • Indoor unit
  • 305(+17)x925x234 mm (HxLxD)
  • Weight: 13,5 kg
  • Noise: 58 dB
  • Outdoor unit
  • 550x800x285 mm (HxLxD)
  • Weight: 37 kg
  • Sound preasure: 49/50 dB
  • Noise: 61 dB
  • Instalation
  • Max length: 20m
  • Elavation differenc: 12m
  • Liquid pipe: 6,35mm
  • Gas pipe: 9,52mm
  • Package dimensions
  • 285 x 925 x h 855 mm - 50.5 kg
Air conditioner Mitsubishi MUZ-MSZ-FH50VEHZ
Kirigamine – 21st century technological milestone: In order to achieve the highest standa ...
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