Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Greenland GL 100-16

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Greenland GL 100-16
Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Greenland GL 100-16
Brand: GreenLand Systems
Product Code: GL100-16
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Greenland Systems has a range of Solar Water Heaters to meet every family's hot water demand. Greenland Systems Solar Water Heaters are CER ( formerly ORER ) qualified and listed with Sustainability Victoria for various Government Rebates and VEETs. We offer a range of Electric Boosted and Gas Boosted Solar Water Heaters. All Greenland Systems Solar Water heaters are manufactured from highest quality materials for long and trouble-free service life.

The main advantage:

- Due to high vacuum can be used all year, even on cold winters;

- Due to Heat Pipe technology especially effective in bad weather conditions;

- The materials provide long lifetime;

- On Slovenian market for 10 years;

- Made of borosilicate glass resistant to impacts;

- Undiminished efficiency over lifetime;

- Can be assembled into large series;

- Can be installed with an inclination of 0° to 90°;

- The latest generation of solar panels;

- Ecologically clean technology;

- Special designed panels for solar cooling or steam production;

- Slovenian origin;

- 10 year warranty.

  • Number of pipes: 16
  • Diameter of pipe: 102 mm
  • For 3-4 people
  • Suggested volume of water storage tank: 200-300l
  • Bruto solar surface:3,80 m²
  • Absorber surface: 2,80m²
  • Aperture surface: 2,98m²
  • Ultrasonically welded absorber with Heat Pipe tube: Cu, TINOX
  • Absorbic ratio of absorber: 95% +1%
  • Emission ratio of absorber 5%+1%
  • Output power at typical* conditions: 2300W
  • Calculated annual energy produced**: 2350kWh
  • *Conditions: insolation 1000 W/m² with a rectangular invasion of sunlight on the surface of the collector at an ambient temperature equal to the temperature of the heating fluid in the collector, wind speed up to 50 km/h
  • **in typical Slovenian climatic cinditions at the optimum installation
  • 2126 x 1940 x h 102 mm - 90 kg

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