Pellet Boiler Valtis Peletka 25

Pellet Boiler Valtis Peletka 25
Brand: Valtis
Product Code: WALPEL25
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Pellet boiler Peletka 25 is automated boiler for those, who still likes flames. To the heart of the boiler, you can access through the door, which can be easily opened and allows easy access to burner. Burner generates strong and wide flame, in which nether the small part of pellet have a chance to survive. High efficiency and low volume of ash proves, that everything burns out. Peletka can also be called “Death to low quality pellets”, because they are in no trouble to it. The only disadvantage while using low quality pellets is, that you have to clean ash more often.

The main advantage is easy to use and low maintenance cost. The secret of its indestructible and performance is in its simple and compact design which means it only includes what a professional boiler needs.

  • Heating power: 25kw
  • Efficiency: 90%
  • Volume of water chamber: 74l
  • Volume of pelet tank: 180kg
  • Consumption:1.7 to 6.7 kg/h
  • Chimney diameter: 80mm
  • 910 x 750 x h 1370 mm - 238 kg

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