Used computers and used notebooks from PC dealers

Has high quality always to be expensive? Not here!

Our aim is to provide low priced and yet qualitative merchandise for our customers. We offer a vast amount of used Laptops, Printers, Servers and other electronic equipment at an up to nearly mint quality. Every single piece of our merchandise is tested for usability and packed carefully prior shipment by an experienced staff. No product labelled as “A Quality” leaves our house without receiving an insurance of being in top working condition. We are specialised on IT Re-marketing, but are also offering brand-new merchandise remaining after cases of bankruptcy or an expired leasing. Second-hand IT hardware, which doesn't full fill our requirements, is sorted out to be IT-recycled. Of course, seller's warranties apply for our second-hand hardware. Because PC Buying is a matter of trust. Have fun browsing through our online store! If you have any questions regarding our shop or our products please let us now.

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